The political veterans never predicted that Trump may win American presidential election. Some Gurus behind Hillary team even congratulated each other when they knew Trump would be their opponent. They thought he was weak and can’t beat Hillary. 

They never thought deeply about the campaign strategy of Trump. Trump was running a gambling business. In the Gambling games owners of the Gambling Center will calculate the edge before they open the service for the public. They will make it in a way that 2/3 of the games they will make money.  1/3 will go to professional Gamblers. 

The Gambling strategy I can see everywhere in the Trump campaign. He was showing something else and he was targeting silent white crowd who do not turn in any of the polls. The people who go for media polls are middle class and lower class people. Hillary was getting those votes and was so sure she will win. 

Trump’s all the policies were targeted to rich white people and they were his silent coalition. He challenged the media and do simple things which media will make it big and every day he will be in the breaking news. He was not so famous compared to Hillary at the beginning. 

Strategically he was becoming famous by challenging not only media but to Muslims and Jewish nations. He wanted to make sure everyone will talk about Trump everyday. And successfully he did that too. Even during the voting days also he became star by watching his wife’s vote paper and tweet from his son.

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