I wanted to stop everything I was doing after my school. I wanted to be a business man. I thought any one can start a business even without single penny in the pocket. 

I wanted to experience something different. I stopped my government job. And stopped going for any other jobs. I was searching for better future with blank plan.Plan was in the back end of my mind. Not written. 

I joined hands with two other friends to form a company. We made some money in short time and before we got any penny to our pocket we ended up the company and all the money we made we given to a charity.

Second attempt was again to start a small business with another two friends and it was ended before bringing any goods to local area.

I thought it would be better to start business with single man instead of two. This time I joined three people separately. With each one I have different business. And I would help them to start and development of the business which is in their name. All three got success. When they saw money in their hand and when they found they can do everything without me, again I have to walk out of the business. My entire time was wasted. 

With all those experiences and knowledge I started business on my own.  My capital was less than US $50. I bought a mobile phone and sim card. And ran a small online advertisement. I started making small amount of money first. Few days later I was getting more and more customers.  And now I make money using same thing which I have stopped three years ago. 

My experience taught me to start the business from which I have enough experience and knowledge. It’s always better to search our brain to get a clue on how we could start our future business. 

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