Past eight plus years I have been busy handling all the types of legal issues which are faced by my clients and my employers. I have received a good income but nothing saved for my future. Every day I have to work. If I do not work no-one is there to give me anything. No-one is there to do my job.

I know some x-MPs x-JUDGEs who do not have anything now. They are just senior citizens with no money. What they get is their pension or some few amount of money from their children.

Now my age is 33, next Jan I will be 34. Day by day I am getting old. After 32 years I will be 65. If I continue in this career as it is I might get, after 65, some good money as pension. Now, if I choose to do something better I think I can get much bigger amount.

So, today I am starting to change my career to something new to me but not new to many of the people whom I meet as clients.

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